Monday Motivation: The Universe Conspires for Us!


Elimination diet day 22 update… and some Monday Motivation!

I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t really felt deprived while doing the gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg elimination diet.  Well, this weekend the emphasized word in that sentence would have been “really”… said like reeeeeeeeally.  In other words, this weekend I had some feelings of missing out.  Missing out on a lovely glass of wine with dinner; missing out on a sweet little treat sometimes; missing out on going to a restaurant so someone else can cook me a gorgeous meal.  (That last one might have something to do with a few of my meals not turning out so great recently. Ha!)

I also started to realize what I will “never” eat again, depending on the results of the reintroduction phase.  Grilled cheese sandwich with creamy tomato soup… 86ed.  Levain chocolate chip walnut cookies (aka, the best cookie in the Universe)… gone. Sizzling steak fajitas with flour tortillas… well, not entirely eliminated, but I really don’t prefer corn tortillas… or maybe I’ll have a reaction to corn in addition to having gluten antibodies!  Ugh.  It kind of got a bit overwhelming, if I’m being honest.

Fortunately, when you decide to do something, the Universe unites with you to make it happen.  I have decided that I am going to see this elimination diet through to the end.  And I have decided that I’m going to make adjustments to my lifelong diet based on the result.

So, what did the Universe do for me during my weekend struggles?

First I discovered that pure cashew butter on wild rice cakes is a pretty dang good little treat!  Cashew butter is a bit sweeter than almond butter and still super healthy (it’s loaded with monounsaturated fats and is great source of vitamin K, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, and manganese). Wild rice has a nuttier taste and more nutrients than plain white rice, and the puffed rice has a nice crunch / texture.  Then my experiment with dairy-free shallot mustard sauce for the chicken in Saturday’s dinner turned out really tasty!  A tasty meal makes most things better, at least for me.  Finally, I was able to stay occupied enough that I didn’t spend too much time focused on the feeling of “lack” (partially, thanks to my hubby who went for a 2.5 hour walk with me on Sunday).

And here I am!  It’s day 22.  I have gone a full three weeks without gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg/alcohol/sugar.  I made it through the last weekend without any side-steps to the plan (weekends are often the hardest times to maintain a dietary change because we have so much more free time).  I have only 3 days before I get to start the reintroduction phase, which will at least change things up a little bit.  Yay!  And, thank you, Universe!

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