Monday Motivation: Make Good Choices Today


When we set a Big Goal for ourselves like “lose weight”, “move more”, or “reduce sugar”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  First, we know that it will require changes, some of which we will not be excited about (really, no more cake?!).  Next, we may not know how to do it or possibly even where to start (my schedule is so busy!).  Finally, we start to realize that to truly achieve the goal, the change will need to be permanent.  And, honestly, that can feel like just too much.

As such, I propose an alternative… set a goal for today. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was really struggling with the idea of being on the elimination diet during the Super Bowl.  Then I remembered it’s just one day and my health is worth more than football food.  Today I am thrilled that I didn’t derail my Big Goal of identifying my food sensitivities and I don’t really feel like I missed out yesterday!  (Of course, it helped that I decided to make a treat for myself that fully kept me on the protocol while alleviating some of the missing-out-on-the-fun feelings.)

The goal you make for yourself for today can be the same as your Big Goal (Move more today!).  Or it can be a modified version of your goal that fits into a shorter time frame (Don’t eat any added sugar today!).  The key is to focus on a manageable change that, if repeated day after day, will get you to the Big Goal.  After all, you can do anything for one day.

The best part is that the choices you make today impact your reality tomorrow.  Harness the power of today to become the brilliant, vibrant human you want to be.


Image courtesy of Steve Sanderson.

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