Monday Motivation: Power in Change


Do you know people who do not like change at all?  I sure do.  And while I can’t say that I go out looking for ways to just change things up for the heck of it, I’ve lived long enough now (nobody ask for details, ok?!) to know that the result of purposeful change is usually “better”.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to change!  It means doing something different.  Actually, it means doing something different over and over and over.  And this requires turning on my brain and making decisions, as I can’t just go through the ever-so-comfortable motions when doing something new.  Sometimes change means giving up something that I genuinely enjoy in the belief that the outcome will be worth it.  Or maybe it means stepping into a very uncomfortable place because the better place is on the other side of the chasm.  And all of those things are hard.  (I know you know what I mean because you’ve been there too.)

But once I’ve done it, once I’ve put in the effort and the change is done, I always say it was worth it.  That’s not to say it was always easy.  And that’s certainly not to say I never go back to the old way, it just means that I get to choose between the old way and the new way.  That I have new information, new knowledge and a new experience from which I can make a choice.  And that is powerful!

What change have you made that left you feeling powerful?  Share with us, so we can all be inspired by your story as we each continue to seek out meaningful changes.


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