Just gotta do it!


In a previous post, because you’ve experienced it too.  The freedom we feel when we finally let go of a bad relationship.  Or the relief that comes with quitting a bad habit.  Or the confidence we gain when we nail that project that seemed unachievable at the beginning.  Logically, we know that pushing through uncertainty and fear as we strive for better is ultimately worth the hard effort, sleepless nights, and discomfort of broken routines.

So when another opportunity presents itself, especially those that take us in the direction we want our lives to go, why do we hesitate?  Why don’t we jump in with both feet?

Because what if this time, we’re wrong!  What if we’re misreading the signs?  What if we aren’t as good, smart, capable and supported as we think we are?  What if this is the one time, we fail?

Today, let me be your cheerleader and assure you that your instinct about making that change… however big or small… is on point!  You will succeed because once you make that decision, the universe is going to do everything it can to make it happen.  Combine that truth with the power you already have in your own intelligence, commitment, passion and drive, and you are unstoppable!

But remember… it’s not going to happen, if you don’t do it.  And “the most effective way to do it, IS TO DO IT!”

So, you just gotta do it… whatever it is… and know that the rest will work itself out.

I believe in you!  So go do it!


If you have a friend (or two!) who could use some encouragement, please share this post.  I’d be delighted to be their cheerleader too!

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