Monday Motivation: Dine Well


The more I learn about food and physiology, the more I understand how completely true this is.

Food communicates with our bodies. The nutrients carry messages to every cell, telling them what do to and giving them the ability to do it.

The right foods help us think clearly, boost our mood, lull us to sleep, give us energy, enhance our immune system, lubricate our joints, balance our hormones, fight infections and cancer cells, maintain our eyesight, strengthen our muscles, focus our minds… I could keep going, but you get the idea. 🙂

The key is finding the right foods for you. Even foods that are generally accepted as healthy can have different impacts for different people; so don’t assume that just because it is nutritious means it is best for you.

One method of finding foods that negatively impact you is to start at the top of your head and write down any pains, discomforts or problems that you experience. As you work your way down your body, note anything that doesn’t feel good. Once you have your list of symptoms, start noticing when the symptoms get worse and when they get better along with what you have been eating beforehand. Over time, you will start to notice patterns, both in the symptoms themselves (monthly cycles, anyone?!) and possible relationships with the food you’re eating.

Of course, you can also choose to do an elimination diet which is a structured approach to testing suspect foods, or get tested for food sensitivities.

Whatever approach you choose to use, I promise once you find the right way of eating for your physiology and environment, you will think, love and sleep better than ever before.

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