Leaky Gut, Part 2: Results, Causes, Symptoms… and How to Protect Your GI

In part 1 of this video series, I explained what leaky gut is by showing you how a healthy intestine works and what happens with a “leaky” intestine.

In this video, I get into the meat of the discussion by describing what happens in the body as a result of the increased intestinal permeability. Within the first minute, you will understand how a leaky gut leads to autoimmune disease and food sensitivities.

I also cover the many potential causes of leaky gut (remember: leaky gut is a symptom of a problem) and the symptoms associated with it. Unfortunately, because leaky gut is itself a symptom, you can’t figure out if you have leaky gut just by what you feel in your body. You also can’t tell what the cause is by the other symptoms.

Finally, I present four things you can start doing today to keep your immune system healthy. Not eating gluten is one of them… and lest you think I am just being alarmist, please check out my blog post on what gluten does in the body to understand the science behind this.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out part 1 to really understand what leaky gut is so you can speak knowledgeably about it.



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