Video: In the Most Accurate Research n=1



I talk a lot about the importance of personalizing your diet (i.e., the way you eat). I also mention scientific research quite often. So you may be wondering where these two things overlap.

The simple answer is that science helps us understand what could be going on in a body, but not necessarily what is going on in your body.

This distinction is crucial to you understanding how to interpret and use research to determine the right way of eating for you. (And by “research”, I don’t necessarily mean that you are reading scientific journals. Newspapers and magazines talk about the results of research all the time and you also need to know how to interpret their interpretation.)

In this video, I give you two examples of how applying the common interpretation of two studies (one made up as an example and a real one about how sodium effects blood pressure) may not serve you well, as it relates to you finding the best way of eating for you.

Science can give us some clues about what that means, but only you (perhaps with some help from a dietitian or nutritionist) can know if applying those scientific results can make your life better.

You deserve to have a diet that is as wonderfully unique as you are and meets your needs and wants, regardless of what science says is “fact”.

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