Video: Feed Your Intention… to Make Your Dreams a Reality


We had two miscarriages before getting pregnant with this healthy little boy that we’ll welcome into our family some time around the end of October. Those incredibly painful events were the biggest challenges I’ve faced as it relates to feeding an intention I have set for myself.

In this video, I tell you a little bit about that experience and also tell you how important it is to continuously and purposefully feed your intention if you want to make your dreams become reality.

It is not enough to setan intention.

Not even a good intention.

You have to do something… actually, probably lots of things… if you want that intention to manifest.

I hope these four steps help you feed whatever intention you have for yourself.

And if you have a nutrition or health-related intention that you believe a professional can help you achieve, I hope you’ll consider working with me. I really want you to manifest the health you want and deserve.

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