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We had two miscarriages before getting pregnant with this healthy little boy that we’ll welcome into our family some time around the end of October. Those incredibly painful events were the biggest challenges I’ve faced as it relates to feeding an intention I have set for myself. In this video, I tell you a little […]

I recently joined Toastmasters to practice delivering nutrition messages. Rather than jumping straight into the physiology and biochemistry, I wanted to be sure my fellow club members know that I’m a foodie who also happens to be a dietitian. Then I realized that you also might be curious about my philosophy. And maybe you want […]

The more I learn about food and physiology, the more I understand how completely true this is. Food communicates with our bodies. The nutrients carry messages to every cell, telling them what do to and giving them the ability to do it. The right foods help us think clearly, boost our mood, lull us to […]

I recently attended the Integrative Healthcare Symposium at which healthcare practitioners from various disciplines converged to hear about the latest advancements in integrative and functional medicine. During his presentation about patient-centered diagnosis, Leo Galland, MD, said that disease and illness result from the interaction of mediators, triggers, and risk factors. In other words, the relationship […]

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