If you follow nutrition news even a little bit, then you know that the latest and greatest information often seems to contradict previously indisputable facts.  One day eggs are dangerous because of the naturally-occurring cholesterol in the yolk and the next they are a super food touted for protein quality.  One week salt intake is […]

When we set a Big Goal for ourselves like “lose weight”, “move more”, or “reduce sugar”, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.  First, we know that it will require changes, some of which we will not be excited about (really, no more cake?!).  Next, we may not know how to do it or possibly even where […]

I made it!  Finally!  I got through the 24 days of a gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg/sugar/alcohol free diet to the reintroduction phase.  As I shared in a previous post, there were some moments of touch and go where I was feeling a bit deprived.  But I managed to persevere knowing that the next step (eating some cheese!) would […]

When we lived in Seattle, we loved eating at Panos Kleftiko, a small Greek taverna around the corner from our townhome.  Although I’ve never been to Greece, I believe the food at this restaurant is authentically Greek.  You see, Panos, the owner and chef, closed the restaurant for six weeks each year so he can […]

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