A couple of weeks ago, I listed my top five suggestions for eating healthy.  Another important step is to eat real food… always! Of course, “real food” can be a confusing term because it’s easy to assume that everything sold as food at grocery stores, restaurants or some other establishment is real food.  So, I […]

Elimination diet day 22 update… and some Monday Motivation! I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t really felt deprived while doing the gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg elimination diet.  Well, this weekend the emphasized word in that sentence would have been “really”… said like reeeeeeeeally.  In other words, this weekend I had some feelings of missing out.  Missing out on […]

In a series about Understanding Blood Sugar Control, you have to include an article about diabetes. It’s not because this is the only result of erratic blood sugar levels (as a reminder, I talked about the possible impacts in this post). Rather, it’s because this is the diagnosis that is directly tied to one’s ability […]

Today is day 12 of my gluten/dairy/soy/corn/egg elimination diet and leaving out sugar/alcohol, due to their inflammatory factors. And I’ve made some very interesting observations this week… well, interesting for me, but I’m kind of a nutrition nerd! Ha! First, I have lost 5 pounds in the last 12 days. My fascination is not because […]

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