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As a follow-up to the blog post I wrote last year about inflammation, here is a short video in which I describe: What inflammation is Why we should not be trying to ban it from our bodies How we can eat to support our immune system and make inflammation our friend. Inflammation is necessary for […]

I recently joined Toastmasters to practice delivering nutrition messages. Rather than jumping straight into the physiology and biochemistry, I wanted to be sure my fellow club members know that I’m a foodie who also happens to be a dietitian. Then I realized that you also might be curious about my philosophy. And maybe you want […]

I’m kicking off a series of posts about detoxification for two reasons: Our world is more toxic than it has ever been. (I’m referring to physical toxins, although I could surely argue that there are a lot of mental and emotional toxins floating around as well. I mean, have you seen what’s going on with […]

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