Meet Stephanie Dunne: Your Women's Health Nutritionist in St. Petersburg, FL.

Hello! I’m Stephanie Dunne, MS, RDN, IFNCP, a passionate food enthusiast, seasoned problem solver, and your companion on the journey to optimal health. With a unique blend of professional expertise and personal passion for everything food-related, I’m dedicated to demonstrating the transformative power of food as medicine. Whether you’re a long-time food lover who wants to know more about how to nourish your body or a person seeking to revitalize your health through individualized nutrition, you’ve come to the right place.

A Seed Planted in Youth, Blossoming into a Lifelong Mission

My journey into the world of nutrition began in high school, when my Dad gifted me a yellow pocket folder filled with nutrition information tables photocopied from a library book—a thoughtful gift that unknowingly set me on a path to my life’s calling. But it wasn’t until after college and during an unforgettable 18-month work assignment in Paris that my love for food truly flourished. Immersed in a world where cuisine is simultaneously art and tradition, I, alongside my then-boyfriend-now-husband, learned how utterly delightful and pleasure-giving food can be.

While working in tech, we lived in multiple locations after Paris and traveled extensively; and I continued my personal exploration into the world of nutrition. During this time, my problem solving skills continued to advance and my desire to marry my love for food with my thirst for nutrition science grew. A downward turn in the telecommunications industry was the perfect opportunity to realize that my passion is also my purpose and Nutrition Q.E.D. was born.

Empowering Women through Personalized Nutrition

With a strong desire to empower women of all ages, I strive to find the ideal nutritional path that goes beyond mere sustenance, fostering vitality, enjoyment, and fulfillment. My comprehensive approach blends scientific acumen, experiential wisdom, and in-depth knowledge about who you are to guide you to your optimal way of eating.

From navigating the nutritional needs of young women in the working world, through the demands of motherhood, to the adjustments required in perimenopause and beyond, my mission remains unwavering: to navigate the maze of nutrition ideals with precision and compassion, guiding you towards a state of holistic well-being that fits with your lifestyle while fulfilling your needs and health aspirations.

Sharing Nutrition Knowledge, One Bite at a Time

My enthusiasm for cooking and voracious appetite for self-experimentation is matched only by my commitment to understanding the science of nutrition. I strive to maintain knowledge of the ever-shifting landscape of nutrition science and dietary trends to enhance my own health and my ability to offer you a well-rounded and informed perspective on achieving health using food as medicine.

Beyond my one-on-one and group health consultations, I’m passionate about sharing the wealth of knowledge I’ve accumulated as a women’s health dietitian. Through my blog, publications, and speaking engagements, I aim to demystify the complexities of nutrition, empowering readers and listeners to make informed decisions that resonate with their individual ethos and unique physiology.

Credentials as a Testament to Dedication

My academic and professional credentials are a testament to my dedication to the field of nutrition —a journey punctuated by rigorous study, clinical practice, and ongoing professional development. With a Master of Science in Nutrition, a Dietetic Internship from the City University of New York, and certification as an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP), I am well-equipped to guide you on your health journey. Not to mention, my Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt underscore my analytical and efficient approach to problem-solving.

Based in the sunny locale of St. Petersburg, Florida, alongside my husband, Jerry, and our child, I live a life that continuously celebrates the joys of gastronomy and the pursuit of holistic wellness.

Join Me in the Pursuit of Health Through Nutrition

Ready to embark on a transformative journey that places nutrition at the heart of your health? Ready to feed your intention to have a life full of joy and well-being? Let’s explore the delicious and exciting path to wellness together. Your journey towards feeling as vibrant and fulfilled as you deserve begins now.

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